The will of TRIBOFILM is to stay attentive to the users, to develop advanced solutions that ensure the success of their automated maintenance projects.
Our accompanying comes out as training, audits, implementation of a specifications, monitoring of interventions, as well as the implementation of operating procedures and a progressive schedule.




Adopt our maintenance management softwares is having many advantages at your disposal :

The dialogue, the listening


MAINTI4 DAY – May 31, 2018


Unmediated dialogue with the designers of the maintenance management software (CMMS), talk with interlocutors who have the same language as you, share your comments and suggestions.

 It’s in that state of mind that TRIBOFILM regularly organise “Users Days” in order to present the software’s evolutions and to facilitate the experience sharing between users. The objective is to stay close and attentive for our clients.



Thanks to its structure, TRIBOFILM is able to quickly respond to your needs. The dynamism and competence of our teams will give you complete satisfaction by accompanying you in your implementation project.

The complete optimization of your maintenance

TRIBOFILM offers all the required features to optimize the maintenance of your company through our various solutions, simplicity further! Our solutions are developed to accompany you daily, in your displacements, according to the new IT.


A tool made to measure

The strength and originality of TRIBOFILM : the personalization“. We suggest you to make your specifications so that our softwares fit perfectly into your structure, without you having to change your habits. In this way, your datas and work methods are reimplemented into the CMMS software, in order to be optimized to ensure a functional using.


Constantly developing

TRIBOFILM’s softwares evolve with the changes in standards and technological advances. With its users club, optimizing our softwares is constant (users get three to four updates per year downloadable from our website).

As proof of its commitment, TRIBOFILM invests every year about a third of its turnover in Research and Development.


Exceptional ergonomics

All users will agree, the handling and use of our softwares is easy: “simple and intuitive”. Fortified by their experiences, our functional consultants and trainers guides you in your datas structuration in order to ensure and facilitate users everyday life.




  • The support of your project
  • Assistance
  • Training
  • Perpetual developments
  • Consider the ground realities
  • Your satisfaction


You are UNIQUE, TRIBOFILM adapts itself and that’s UNIQUE!

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