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Created in 1993, TRIBOFILM started to develop her lubrication management softwares with ProgiLub®, to then diversify and propose maintenance management softwares : MaintiMédia®,  and accident prevention solutions : AcciMédia®.

More than 25 years of experience allowed TRIBOFILM to durably takes place in that market close to french giant groups just as small structures, and to become one of the maintenance management editors leader.

TRIBOFILM counts over 15 000 users and 1 000 clients across the world. Our maintenance solutions are installed and translated in 8 languages (french, english, german, spanish, italien, polish, turkish and russian), and are still growing.

Historic in few dates….


  • 2018 : Artélisoft and TRIBOFILM Industries are now one under the name TRIBOFILM®. MAINTI4® software is suitable for industry and communities. It is also the year of 25 years of TRIBOFILM.
  • 2016 : Mainti4® Web & Mobile
  • 2015 : MaintiMédia Gold® becomes Mainti4®
  • 2013 : MaintiMédia Gold®
  • 2009 : Creation of our affiliate Artélisoft®, and , technical services management software, turned towards city halls, municipalities…
  • 2008 : Accimédia® is provided by an EDI (Data Informatical Exchange) giving to it the possibility to leave the work accident declarations directly over the CNAM portal’s
  • 2007 : MaintiMédia.NET®  is available on Linux
  • 2004 : TRIBOFILM Industries proposes her softwares on plateforme.NET®, available on internet
  • 2002 : Accimédia® is provided by a risks evaluation unit Préventor®
  • 2001 : TRIBOFILM Industries intensifies the possibilities of her software’s  MaintiMédia®.  Several commercial management functionalities dedicated to the maintenance and SAV societies are added
  • 1998 : Arrival of AcciMédia® , work accident prevention software, registered by the CNAM
  • 1997 : Launch  of Inspector®, regulatory control tracking software and perfect complement for the weighty CMMS
  • 1994 : Launch of  Progilub®, first lubrication management software completely graphic. Realisation of MaintiMédia®, maintenance management software (CMMS), simple to use



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