You are Unique, TRIBOFILM adapts her softwares…


TRIBOFILM understood that none of the companies was working the same way. Every service as its own methodes, its habits, its language. Therefore our team propose you to take into account what is making of you a unique case and to adapt our softwares to your own structure. The setting up will be realized like this, with gentleness.

You’ll rapidly appreciate the utility of those formidable tools what are Mainti4® or Progilub®.

And why won’t to try ?

It’s esential to think “utility”, that’s the reason why we propose you to test our softwares. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a test version, valid during two months, and free of charge. Thus you’ll be able to test our solutions in real utilisation condicions, have a judgement on our softwares quality, and their functional richness. You’ll also be able to take into account your specificities, and realise your bill of specifications throughout your test period.

What is the personalization ?

The personalization depend on a company from an other. It might concerned :

  • The arrangement into a management system already existing,
  • The creation of new functionalities,
  • The adaptation to the language proper to the company,
  • The connexion with other technologies,
  • The creation of specific statistics,…

…and much more!


That personalization as no limits excepted your own imagination… And of course your bill of specifications! Our team is at your service to assist you by phone.

Your datas recovery :

You already have a CMMS, a PAIE, or you use Microsoft EXCEL™ to manage your informations ?

You have commissioned or produced an internally application to manage the work accidents?

So then your data are on an informatical support and it will be a shame to lose it or to enter it again!
Our team is there to assist you during your datas recovering.
Our softwares have some automatic integration tools (Machines park, providers, stocks, historic, staff,…).
For informations coming from specific informatic systems, or if you desire to recover other data, we are still able to realise specific integrations.

Datas exportation:

Realise your own states and own requests. Built your instrument panel and indicators thanks to Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.
Our softwares are perfectly integrables into the office pack “Microsoft Office”. Like that, you have the possibility to personalize as you want and being independent with your exit states with Crystal Report.

Integration in your management system:

You have a supervision software, your GPAO is under unix, your accounting works under AS/400 ?
Numerous are our clients who asked us to interface our softwares with teir system:

  • Counters or alarm recovery (Supervision : PANORAMA™, …),
  • Production hours integration (GPAO),
  • Purchase demande exportation (ERP : SAP™),
  • Electronical validation (Management, ERP),
  • Order receipt (ERP : SAP™, PRECIX™, …),
  • Billing (Accounting : SAGE™, EBP™, ANAEL™, …),
  • Integration and exportation of worked hours.
Test us

Test free of charge our solutions software during 60 jours

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