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Training with the CMMS

The training, the seminars for companies…


TRIBOFILM provides trainings for its CMMS users, in different forms :

  • Personalized on-site training:

-Our functional consultants and trainers directly act  in your site with a view to give  you  the essentials basis to the work that you want to realize with your CMMS Mainti4®,

-Together, we define the training plans in order to always suit the best to your needings and functioning methods.

  • Training in TRIBOFILM’s premises:

- Whether you are member of an industrial group or not, our company welcomes you to train you in its premises. Our structure is adapted to the realization of multi-company seminars and mono-company,

-Training in TRIBOFILM’s premises is ideal when your structure can’t welcomes your whole personnal to train as well as our functional consultants and trainers in optimal conditions.

  • Distant training with web conference:

-Your structure can’t welcomes the training, and you can’t go in our premises? TRIBOFILM has the solution and propose you a distant training, a web conference. All the quality and efficacity of a physical training in virtual, thank’s to a tool allowing the distant screens sharing.



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