Every activity sectors having equipments to maintain are potentially concerned with a CMMS solution use. In this way we can quote the sectors:

  • Industry (automotive, pharmaceutical, etc.),
  • Energy (gas, oil, electricity, etc.),
  • Transports (road transport, rail transport, air transport,public transport, etc.),
  • Medical (hospitals, clinics, etc.),
  • Mass distribution,
  • Local Collectivités (urban communities, urban areas, airports, etc.),
  • Constructions and public works,
  • Harbours,
  • Telecoms (networks equipments management),
  • etc.

Depending on the concerned activity sector, targeted functionalities can be setted up into personalized solutions thanks to specific developments.




What are a CMMS principal goals ?

  • A better management and maintenance costs reduction,
  • The improvement of the production yield and maintenance team performance ,
  • The fiability and equipments disponibility improvement,
  • Buyings optimisation (external providers contracts management, financials and analitics allocations,etc),
  • Full work maintenance historic tracking,
  • Interventions planification management,
  • Preventive  / corrective optimal ratio search depending on the managed equipments and availability goals,
  • A better activities control over subcontractors and external providers ,
  • Stocks management optimisation (a better outputs control, inventories help, turnover rate optimization, etc.),
  • Equipments traceability,
  • Decision support through the historicals analysis , machines balance sheets, dashboards,



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