ADHESIA choosed the CMMS Mainti4 for her maintenance


ADHESIA, as the hospital complex of Novillars, choosed the maintenance management solution Mainti4, and joined the hospitals CMMS dedicated solution users, edited by TRIBOFILM Indsutries. Specialized in medical technologies selection to equip hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, ADHESIA enable the medical […]


MaintiMédia’s CMMS has truly interested us in order to our multi-sites structure: it allow us to centralise the tool and generate applications over our different sites across the France. Thierry TRANNOY – ROCAMAT

ARRONAX chosed the CMMS MaintiMédia


ARRONAX means “Accelerator for Research in Radiochemistry and Oncology at Nantes Atlantic.” This is a particle accelerator dedicated to research in nuclear medicine. In order to manage the maintenance of the site, but also the wastes monitoring, ARRONAX chosed the […]