How to manage compliance responsibilities within my CMMS ?


Audits set the pace for maintenance, whether it’s for public or industrial businesses. Fire safety regulations, buildings open to the public, production processes, storage processes, workplace health and safety etc., are all subject to regulatory compliance.

The difficult part is following up on the non-compliance issues found in the audit report: making sure that nothing is forgotten, respecting deadlines etc.


Audits are carried out by approved external Audit Providers. Audits provide a means to assess the equipment’s condition and status or to asses situations based on their regulatory requirements (e.g., ISO standards).

Depending on the needs and configuration of a company, facilities and equipment are subject to various standards requiring controls for various purposes:

  • Protection of employees
  • Protection of the general public
  • Environmental protection
  • Protection of property

Once concluded, the provers submit a report indicating the different supply chains examined. Some of these supply chains may then need to be modified to meet the existing standards. With a CMMS solution, their monitoring is made easier.

Monitoring and using regulatory controls with your CMMS

Following on from an audit, it is essential to not tolerate any non conformity or issue. In order to ensure that each corrective action is executed, it is possible to trace them within the CMMS.

A CMMS solution allows, as a matter of fact, improved responsiveness by maintenance technicians on equipment by :

  • visualizing the set of interventions to be performed,
  • establishing a schedule adapted to the internal organization and the requested interventions.

Ideally, the actions are recorded one by one, equipment by equipment. It is then possible, at any given time, to consult the log of the interventions resulting from the audit in question.

MAINTI4® and compliance

MAINTI4®, a TRIBOFILM CMMS solution for industry and State Government Offices, makes it possible to integrate audit reports, and simply and efficiently monitor compliance standards :

  • Creation of a specific “worksite folder” in order to group and connect all the required remedial actions,
  • The provision of an import module, unique to TRIBOFILM, that allows a substantial number of non-conformities (resulting from the audit) to be integrated from a simple Excel file,

Through this specific worksite folder, the monitoring of all the tasks undertaken or not yet undertaken, is simple and fast. It is possible to generate assessment indicators such as time spent, costs involved (machine parts, subcontracting etc.). All purchases relating to the worksite folder are listed, interventions are archived and classed.

Advantages of the Import Module with regards to non-conformities :

  • easy to use
  • unlimited import
  • centralization of data and cessation of the use Excel files
  • tracking and history of each action on the right equipment
  • autonomy
  • time saving



An audit should be seen as an opportunity to ask the right questions about the company’s operating systems and to find the right solutions. The CMMS software will help implement these solutions through simple, rigorous, and effective monitoring.

It is also easier to provide all the necessary evidence thanks to the data and interventions history logs.

So, how about a CMMS as your best ally to monitor compliance for your company equipment ?

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