CMMS (or Computer-assisted Maintenance Management Software) is a simple and efficient means of making maintenance management a breeze in industrial, tertiary and public sectors. Our MAINTI4® software is modern and developed using the most recent technology.

What is a CMMS ?


A maintenance department and its technicians, are always striving to keep equipment running smoothly and efficiently to ensure higher uptime, lower downtime and overall system reliability. This is where a CMMS comes in. This user-friendly software ensures complete management of equipment fleets, curative analysis, preventative and regulatory interventions, purchasing and stock, on demand reports and statistics, and all of this, with a strong focus on the everyday ground realities.

A Maintenance Software is a scalable software, just like your business or institution.


The most common features of a CMMS


A CMMS can have many uses ; we’ve listed some of the most common ways it can help systems run smoothly :

  • Equipment fleet management : inventory, location, information management for types, etc.,
  • Maintenance management : corrective (with WO: work order), preventive (systematic, conditional, provisional), curative, etc.
  • Work Requests managing (WR)
  • Inventory management : spare parts storerooms, replenishment, inventory valuation, etc.
  • Purchase management : price inquiry, purchase requests, orders, service and supply purchases, billing vendors, etc.
  • Personnel management and planning : activities, tasks, teams, rosters, forecast planning, work load, etc.
  • Cost and budget management : labor tasks, inventories, purchases, equipment rentals, budget preparation, periodic reports, discrepancy reports, etc. 
  • Key performance indicators : dashboards (database queries for statistics, alerts, MTTR, MTBF, Pareto, etc.) 
  • And so much more !
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