CMMS for paper mills and cardboard factories


Paper mills and cardboard factories are part of TRIBOFILM’s long term customers.

Our CMMS solutions (Computer Maintenance Maintenance Management System) and CLMS (Computer Lubrication Maintenance Management System), have been adapted over time to meet the specific maintenance and production needs of this industry.

Reliable production tools

  • Reduce failure rates
  • Manage risks and increase production rates
  • Optimize the spare parts stock
  • Manage the lubrication of machines using only one software

And for production…

  • Optimize and monitor the reception of old paper
  • Record customer specifications and adjuvant thresholds
  • Instruct the machine workloads and monitor production logs
  • Follow up on customer orders
  • Facilitate the tracking of loading records
  • Simplify statement, such as REVIPAC

And also…

Beacause there tends to be a high number of staff in a papermill’s maintenance department, it’s easy to lose sight of important machine information when someone is on sick leave or absent.  MAINTI4® allows you to keep track of these small bits of essential information so that your machines run smoothly.

A software that’s easy to use for all staff members (managers, technicians, …). You don’t need any special knowledge in IT to be able to use it efficiently.


Customer testimony – Mélanie RICHETON – Paper Mills GEMDOUBS

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