A wide range of automatic identification solutions


TRIBOFILM offers a wide range of automatic identification solutions and relies in particular on the Motorola brand products / Symbol which we are partners, but also Zebra, Datalogic, Psion, Pidion, Toughshield…


Hardened Tablet

Ideal for ground professionnals, especially recommended for extreme conditions use, hardened tablets enable a fast and multi-tasks treatment, and suit to a large variety of aplications.

Make your repports, your preventive controls, inventory your stocks, inventory your furnitures,…




Hardened bar code scanner readergmao-sav-mobilite

Terminals with hardened bar code reader, specially designed for the industrial sector.
With dump wells for batch processes, WiFi for wireless networks or GPRS for technicians on the go, Zebra/ Motorola / Symbol terminals adapt themselves to every situation.

Availables in Android or Windows CE version , these devices are easily integrated into existing IT.

Make your  stocks outgoings, your inventory, but also track your preventive and curative …*





Barcdouchette code barresode readers

With wire or wireless the bar code scanner reader are another way to read bar codes, of facilitating the entry of informations and limit the risks of error.





Thermal transfer printerImprimante code à barres

Ideal for editing barcode labels, the thermal transfer printer enable to produce durable and legible labels, customizable as your will.





etiquettes code barres


Barcode labels

TRIBOFILM has every type of labels taking into account constraints and environment.



The label can be subjected to several aggressive conditions:

  • humidity,
  • rain,
  • dirt,
  • product splashes (solvent, fat),
  • friction,
  • heat,
  • outdoor exposure,
  • etc …


tags rfid

RFid Tags 

Ideals for hostile environments, RFid tags are the solution for the identification of your equipments and the traceability of interventions.

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