CMMS for hospitals and health facilities



Our CMMS MAINTI4® is especially suited for Technical Services in hospital infrastructures, particularly for the management of buildings, facilities and equipment.
Easy-to-use and intuitive, MAINTI4® allows you to track and follow up on technical interventions carried out on all of your equipment.



All your actions just got easier with MAINTI4®

  • Software perfectly adapted for on-the-field use by Technical Services, and in real time
  • Accessible on different types of media devices without prior installation (tablets, smartphones, laptops)
  • A single interface, that is user-friendly, intuitive and customizable for each user


Work on the gocmms-mobile-mainti-4

  • Create, edit your work reports in real time
  • Instantly receive new intervention requests
  • Easily access and modify inventories and stock movements, even offline
  • Carry out control checks and get counter readings directly on the spot


Optimize you workworks-work-request-mainti

  • Identify the whole of your fleet and assets (buildings, equipment, stocks) in a collaborative database
  • Map your operations and actions and optimize your trips
  • Centralize work requests, ensure a timely follow up in real time
  • Organise your teams and subcontractor work
  • Valuate the overall cost of your work


Oversee your equipments

  • Schedule and monitor the regulatory controls and preventive maintenance for all of your equipment
  • Follow up on the work done by your subcontractors
  • Log all actionnables
  • Prioritize and manage emergencies
  • Easily manage stock and inventories
  • Edit detailed statistical reports


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