The CMMS MAINTI4® is specially adapted to the hospitable technical services for the buildings and facilities management.
Easy, convivial et intuitive, thanks to MAINTI4 you can monitor technical interventions done on the whole of your equipments.



Make your actions easier

  • Software adapted to the technical services needs for a use on the field in real time
  • Solution accessible on all media types without setup (tablets, smartphones, laptop)
  • Single interface, convivial and intuitive, custumizable per user


Working mobilecmms-mobile-mainti-4

  • Enter your work reports in real time
  • Receive instantly the new works to do
  • Make easily your inventories and stocks issues, even offline
  • Do your controls and counters readings in the field


Optimize your worksworks-work-request-mainti

  • Identify the whole of your fleet (buildings, equipments, stocks) in a collaborative database
  • Map your works, optimize your trips
  • Centralise the work requests, ensure a follow up in real time
  • Organise your teams and subcontractors work
  • Value the global cost or your work


Oversee your equipments

  • Schedule and monitor your regulatory controls and the preventive maintenance on the whole of your equipments
  • Follow up the works done by your subcontractors
  • Stock your works information
  • Prioritize and manage urgencies
  • Realiza easily your stock and inventories management
  • Edit detailed statistical reports


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