Personalized Guidance

CMMS goes beyond being just software; it is a tool that optimizes maintenance operations to keep your assets operational. However, its power lies in how it is configured and tailored to the specific needs of each company.

That’s why the software configuration support stage is crucial and involves customizing it to fit your needs, processes, procedures, and maintenance management specifics.

This customization enables you to leverage all the advantages of MAINTI4 CMMS and achieve your objectives.

The first step of the support is an existing audit, which includes several aspects:

  • Discussions with future users of various services regarding their needs and expectations.
  • Analysis of the existing processes and tools.
  • Identification and listing of objectives.

The second step involves configuring the software according to the need and personalizing it with the client :

  • Drafting the geographical and functional hierarchy.
  • Defining the basic data for MAINTI4 CMMS.
  • Implementing workflows for intervention requests, stock, and purchases.
  • Defining and configuring user profiles.
  • Planning user dashboards.
  • Customizing input fields and labels.
Logiciel de gestion de maintenance aéronautique mockup

Why publisher support is essential ?


Technical Expertise 

We are well-versed in MAINTI4. Our team will guide you to make the right configuration choices for your needs, ensuring optimal use of the CMMS.


Time and Energy Savings 

By benefiting from our expertise and experience, you’ll avoid trial and error in configuration that could lead to delays and additional costs.


Relevant Personalization 

Professional support ensures that the software is configured to precisely meet your company’s needs. This involves creating customized fields, specific workflows, and adapted reporting options.


Smooth Transition 

Support guarantees a smooth transition to CMMS, avoiding operational disruptions and enabling employees to adapt more easily and quickly.

TRIBOFILM understands that no two companies work the same way. Each department has its own methods, habits, and language. That’s why our team offers to consider what makes your company unique to adapt our software to your structure. The implementation will be done smoothly and step by step.

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