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With over 30 years of experience in the field of lubrication, TRIBOFILM offers you a set of sophisticated tools to help you structure the management of your lubrication, regardless of your type of activity.

Known for its great user-friendliness, ProgiLub is software that is immediately operational and accessible to everyone. Closer to you, ProgiLub was developed in partnership with industrial professionals and maintenance experts. Always more functional, always richer, it is above all a CMMS with a human dimension.

Our development team is constantly attentive to user feedback, and it is thanks to their input that this software is constantly evolving. This makes it, above all, a CMMS that is closely connected to the field.

Quick, simple, and effective implementation, learning ProgiLub is very fast and does not require any special computer knowledge.

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  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Definition of machine parks and operating rates.
  • Photo of the application point.
  • Assignment of lubricants and capacities of various components.
  • Implementation of systematic lubrication interventions.
  • Recording of intervention reports.
  • Weekly workload plan.
  • Lubrication plan.
  • Components to monitor.
  • Neglected interventions.
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Android Mobile Application 

  • Identification of your equipment using RFid and barcodes.
  • Selection of a greasing route.
  • Visualization of operation points with the help of a photo.
  • Data entry and updating of interventions directly in the field.
  • Consultation of the histories of interventions performed on each machine.
  • Reporting of encountered anomalies with photo capture.
  • Available offline (no network required).
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Barcodes and RFid 

  • Speed up and ensure accuracy in data entry with barcodes and RFid.
  • Automatic barcode label printing.
  • Equipment identification.


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Stock Management / Purchases 

  • Manage your lubricant stocks in terms of packaging and volume.
  • Generate your purchase requests.




Mockup interfaces Progilub

The advantages of  PROGILUB

➕ Know your equipment and sensitive organs,

➕ Implement a precise lubrication plan,

➕ Do not forget any checkpoint,

➕ Reduce maintenance costs by avoiding breakdowns,

➕ Compliance with standards and regulations.


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