CMMS and TRIBOFILM’s Commitments

Since its inception, TRIBOFILM’s DNA has been to listen to users of its CMMS software MAINTI4 in order to develop cutting-edge solutions that ensure the success of their automated maintenance projects.

Our support is reflected in audits, the creation of specifications, the implementation of usage procedures with a progressive schedule, and tailored training.



Choosing our computer-assisted maintenance management solution means benefiting from numerous advantages:

Dialogue and Listening for Your CMMS Projects

Engage directly with the creators of the CMMS software, converse with individuals who speak the same language as you, and share your feedback and suggestions.

In this spirit, TRIBOFILM regularly organizes ‘User Days’ to encourage the sharing of experiences among users, present innovations, and provide you with the opportunity to interact with the TRIBOFILM team regarding future developments. The goal is always to stay close to our clients and listen to their needs.


Due to its structure, TRIBOFILM is capable of quickly meeting your needs. The dynamism and competence of our teams will fully satisfy you by supporting you in your implementation project.

The satisfaction rate of the technical support service is 90%.

Complete Optimization of Your Maintenance

TRIBOFILM offers all the necessary features for optimizing your company’s maintenance, with simplicity added! Our solutions are developed to accompany you in your daily tasks, even while you’re on the move, and they continuously evolve with new technologies.

A Tailor-Made Maintenance Management Tool

L’atout et l’originalité de TRIBOFILM : “la personnalisation”. Nous vous proposons de réaliser votre cahier des charges, afin que notre GMAO s’adapte à votre structure, sans que vous n’ayez à changer vos habitudes. Ainsi, vos données et méthodes de travail sont réintégrées dans le logiciel de Gestion de Maintenance Assistée par Ordinateur afin d’être optimisées pour en garantir un usage fonctionnel.

TRIBOFILM’s strength and uniqueness lie in its “customization”. We offer to create your specifications so that our CMMS adapts to your organization without you having to change your habits. This way, your data and work methods are reintegrated into the Computer-Assisted Maintenance Management software to ensure functional usage.

Constant Evolution

TRIBOFILM’s software evolves in response to changes in standards and technological advancements.

MAINTI4 is continually optimized, with users benefiting from three to four updates per year.

TRIBOFILM invests approximately one-third of its annual turnover in Research and Development. 

Exceptional User-Friendly CMMS Solution

All users will confirm that MAINTI4 is easy to learn and use: “simple and intuitive.”

Leveraging their experience, functional consultants and trainers guide you in structuring your data to ensure ease and efficiency in your daily tasks.


📈 Continuous improvements to maintenance management solutions

🔒Securing your data

🔎 Considering real-world conditions

⭐ Your satisfaction


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