gmao-mainti-4-mobileThe offline CMMS mobile app MAINTI4®, is issued from the CMMS MAINTI4® software, created by TRIBOFILM. Easy to use, you can manage your maintenance and remote access remote to your CMMS’s informations.

  • Make your daily easier and save time while browsing from one module to an other from your smartphone or your tablet.
  • Independant, the CMMS mobile app MAINTI4® synchronizes automatically to a wifi network ou 3G/4G along with your CMMS MAINTI4®.


MAINTI4®, the CMMS Mobile solution wich make your daily easier


Our mobile disconnected CMMS is available exclusively on Android Google Play Store . However, if you use an operating system (IOS, Windows phone…), and if you need a full connected CMMS, consult our MAINTI4® Full WEB version, a CMMS solution accessible from internet.


The disconnected CMMS mobile app MAINTI4® offers the following possibilities


Send your work requests

  • Make your work requests directly from your smartphone or your tablet, you can also associate a picture or a documentSMARTPHONE MAINTI 4
  • Access to the whole or your equipments’ list
  • Follow in real time your work orders done and pending

Redact your reports

  • Fill your reports quickly directly from the app
  • Access to the complete list of your works to be done
  • Calculate the time spent on works
  • Take out your articles thanks to the barcode / RFid tags
  • Link a picture or a document
  • Realize and sign electronically your reports directly on your mobile phone. Send it automatically to your clients by e-mail.

Enter your inventories

  • Find quickly your articles
  • Insert the quantities in stock, and validate

Save your meter reading

  • Only 3 things to do :
    • Scan
    • Insert a value
    • Validate
  • Follow quickly and effectively your rounds

Make your movements

codes barres

Like the others terminals or barcode readers, your smartphone or your tablet can scan your barcodes, QR Codes, RFid tags (NFC) during your works

  • Manage the stocks’ movements thank to the scan
  • Save time : no more rekeying !






  • Upgrade and simplify your maintenance organization
  • Scan your barcodes and RFid tags using your smartphone or your tablet
  • Offline mode : work without network, even in isolated places
  • Automatic synchronization approching a wifi network ou 3G/4G


We strive to answer your needs and make your daily easier.

The mobile app CMMS MAINTI4® has been created thanks to your field experience !



CMMS mobile MAINTI4® : Valuable time saving for your maintenance !


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