gmao-mainti-4-mobileThe offline CMMS mobile app MAINTI4®, was created by TRIBOFILM from our CMMS MAINTI4® software. Easy to use, you can run your maintenance management and access your CMMS information from anywhere using remote access, with or without internet.

  • Lighten the load and save time while navigating from one module to another, straight from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Independant, the CMMS mobile app MAINTI4® synchronizes automatically with your CMMS MAINTI4® once you’re back online.


MAINTI4®, the CMMS Mobile solution that makes daily life so much easier


Our mobile disconnected CMMS app is available exclusively on Android Google Play Store .  If you use another operating system (such as IOS, Windows phone…), and you need a fully connected CMMS, check out our MAINTI4® Full WEB version, a CMMS solution accessible from internet.


The disconnected CMMS mobile app MAINTI4® offers the following features


Create your work requests effortlessly

  • Design work requests directly from your smartphone or your tablet
  • Add images or other relevant documents SMARTPHONE MAINTI 4
  • Access equipment lists on the go
  • Track the status of work orders in real time (pending, done …)

Generate your reports easily

  • Fill out reports quickly and easily directly from the app
  • Access to the complete list of work tasks to be done
  • Calculate the time spent on tasks
  • Track outgoing items thanks to barcode / RFid tags
  • Add images or other relevant documents
  • Finalize and electronically sign your reports directly on your mobile phone. Automatically send them to your clients by email.

Track and manage your inventories in just a few clicks

  • Quickly find items
  • Modify and validate stock quantities

Save your meter readings in 3 simple steps

  • It’s now so much easier :
    • Scan
    • Add a value
    • Validate
  • Track route schedules quickly and effectively

Make your movements

codes barres

Just like other devices or barcode readers, your smartphone or tablet can scan barcodes, QR Codes, RFid tags (NFC), all the whilst being on the go during your maintenance interventions.

  • Manage all stock movements thank to simple scanning
  • Save time : no more data re-entry!






  • Upgrade and simplify your maintenance organization
  • Scan your barcodes and RFid tags using your smartphone or tablet
  • Offline mode : work without internet or reception, even in isolated places
  • Automatic synchronization once you’re back online via a wifi network ou 3G/4G


We strive to meet your needs and make daily life a breeze when it comes to maintenance management.

The mobile app CMMS MAINTI4® was designed and created based on our customers’ field experience !



CMMS mobile MAINTI4® : Your new time-saving best friend for your maintenance !


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