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Your maintenance assistant


Structure the management of your lubrication

The + of MAINTI4

Ensure traceability

The ideal and easily usable tool for tracking all your maintenance interventions (corrective, preventive, regulatory…)

Save time

The essential tool for centralizing all your data related to your activity.

Be Mobile

Adopt our mobile application to work in the field with or without an internet connection.

Analyse your activity

Data analysis, dashboard creation, effectively analyze your data, and make informed decisions.

Interconnecte in your IS

Connect to your information system (ERP, MES, invoices, IoT…).

Improve communication

Simple and mobile requester portal, email alerts, visual dashboards. Communicate effectively with your various departments.


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Public Sector

Technical Services Management Software for local authorities and public service organizations: asset inventory, request portal, work orders, statistics…

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CMMS to digitize the management of your maintenance service, regardless of your industry: Maintenance 4.0, mobility, connectors, BI analysis…

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Service Companies

The CMMS solution for your service business: customer asset management, intervention planning, contract management…


Why choose TRIBOFILM ?

French software hosted in France

Maintenance expert
since 1993

Accommodation ISO 27001 certified

99% availability

Backup daily

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The major advantage is the monthly indicators! Thanks to the automated calculations, we now spend 2 hours where we used to spend 8 hours before! This information allows us to define a precise and relevant maintenance policy.

Stéphane DOMANGE
Project Manager at CAMFIL
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CMMS is used daily and continuously for report entry, stock management, order management, price requests, and purchase requests, as well as for inventory. If one desires something precise and sustained with tight downtime, reliable stocks, responsiveness, and accurate counts, CMMS is essential. The advantage of MAINTI4 is that it’s intuitive, informative, and customizable

Jean-Baptiste BOULIER
Maintenance Manager at VARENNE GASTRONOMIE
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The positive point is traceability. Requests are clearer, and we can easily respond to the requester when something is missing by using the application directly. IIt also saves time… And for the requesters, the advantage is to ensure them real tracking.

Sébastien HAREL

TRIBOFILM is a computer maintenance management software company that designs and markets an evolving range of softwares for different industry, tertiary and public sectors.

Our softwares can be adapted according to your needs. We develop automated programs which ensure your projects’ success in various areas such as aeronautics, food or construction industry, automotive or medical field, technical services…

Our softwares are composed of modules and applications which are made to measure for our clients, adapted to every company and facility size and IT infrastructure.

For over 30 years, we’ve been providing a CMMS solution  adapted to different field and business issues!
Scalable, MAINTI4 improves your maintenance projects’ success, through the use of intuitive and easy-to-use modules.

To ensure the approval of all who are implicated in your CMMS projects, we’ve created a CMMS solution that is easy to use.

Whether it’s for rented software (SaaS) or software that’s purchased, we can find the right fit and adapt it to your various IT strategies.

In addition to CMMS, we also specialize in lubrication management with our software ProgiLub.

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