Aeronautics Maintenance Management Software

Professional flight simulator with integrated CMMS


Already partnered with many Flight Simulation Centers, TRIBOFILM offers specific CMMS solutions for the aeronautical industry, especially for Aviation Training Centers. Our software meets this industry’s various standards and needs, such as the l’ARINC 433.

Our Instructor Terminal is at the simulator center’s entrance, and allows the session to be followed as planned. You can also rate the session’s quality with technical remarks to improve it.

Benefits of our Simulator Terminal :

  •  Touch terminal,
  •  Interface with your session’s schedule,
  •  Incident report in the CMMS MAINTI4®,
  •  Electronic logbook,
  •  Customer, Instructor and Technician signatures …,
  •  Rate session quality,
  •  Meets the requirements of ARINC 433,…


Qualification Test Guide Management

This module makes  managing you QTG easier. It helps you to follow up on all your tests on time, and it ensures precise maintenance.

Benefits of our Flight Test Guide Management System :

  •  Test schedules
  •  Test validations
  •  Integration within CMMS MAINTI4®,…

Helicopter flight terminal simulator

simulateur-vol-helicoptereThe Helicopter Terminal’s purpose is to follow up on the live training sessions of helicoptor flights.  More complete than the Simulator Terminal, it facilitates the management of alerts for delayed return flights.

Benefits of the Helicopter Terminal :

  • Retrieve session schedules,
  • Relay maintenance work requests,
  • Rate session qualification,
  • Create electronic logs,
  • Get SMS, email and schedule alerts for late helicopter flights …


Log Management Module

The Log Management Module is a web app for the electronic log management that allows you to get a real dashboard showing simulator sessions.

Benefits of our Navigation Log Management Module

  •  Follow up by simulator
  •  Follow up by customer
  •  Follow up by session
  •  Dashboard printing
  •  Help to billing,…


In the aeronautics industry, the users of our CMMS trust TRIBOFILM Industries and its Flight Terminal Simulator.


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