In partnership with different ports throughout France, TRIBOFILM has adapted its CMMS Mainti4® to commercial ports, as well as autonomous ports or marinas, allowing for fast and efficient monitoring of the infrastructures and docking equipment.




CMMS for ports : Keep a watch over harbor facilities


  • Using simply a tablet, track dike evolution by comparing photos over time, from one year to the next,
  • Immediately trigger intervention requests for your teams or subcontractors,
  • Record and retain the exact spot of observation thanks to the GPS tracking,
  • Program and track complete control sets for harbors and facilities,


On-the-field Interventions GMAO-tablette

  • Get fitted with with our mobility tools (Tablet, PDA, smartphone) and traceability tools (Rfid tags)
  • Complete intervention reports in real time
  • Get instant alerts for new planned interventions
  • Manage inventories and stores

And much more

Manage your assets, equipment fleets etc ….


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