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Technical services management software


Our technical services management software was created in 2009, in partnership with various public technical services, allowing it to meet the field realities and needs.

Based on user feedback, and careful monitoring of regulations and technical development,  MAINTI4® is constantly evolving.

The technical services’ management software MAINTI4® was designed for communities, hospitals, and public facilities.

  • A full web intuitive version, adapted to computers, tablets or smartphones, in order to quickly access essential information,
  • The possibility to manage sets of elements depending on which patrimony or asset is concerned,
  • Powerful traceability equipment (barcodes, RFid tags) which makes it easy to input information and get reliable data,
  • Centralized data which can be accessed by several staff members simultaneously.

Futhermore, MAINTI4® allows you to follow up request and intervention sheets, technician schedules, stock, stats and data.

Patrimony management control

  • Count all the elements which constitute your patrimony (buildings, roads, green spaces, vehicles park,…)
  • Have precise and clear technical sheets (map, land register, photos…)
  • Manage the follow up of contracts (insurances…) and regulation compliance
  • Follow up the regulatory and security controls
  • Have a historic of interventions


Internal / external work requests

  • Have a web portal for all services (schools, libraries…)
  • List, plan ang asign requests
  • Locate precisely the intervention thanks to the GPS coordinates
  • Follow up the interventions progress
  • Benefit from a multi-services solution

Work orders

  • Follow up precisely regulatory controls and periodic visits
  • Follow up the progress live
  • Manage whole schedules and teams
  • Get detailed activity reports imputted by agents live on smartphones or tablets


  • Follow up precisely imputs and outputs
  • Manage purchases and orders as well as suppliers billings
  • Simplify your inventories thanks to the barcode
  • Have a precisely budget monitoring

Goods booking and equipment loan

  • Follow up the availabilities schedule (festival halls, associative spaces, vehicles,…)
  • Plan periodic or intermittent occupancy
  • Manage loans requests and follow up the available quantities
  • Plan interventions for all loans


 Fluids and energies management

  • Follow up in real time your energies and fluids usage per equipment (water, gas, fuel…)
  • Compare your buildings’ cosumptions
  • Manage your energy usage : water, electricity, gas

Air quality management

  • Respect the law dated of January, 1st 2018, about the air quality
  • Carry out your own self-diagnostics
  • Measure the inside CO2 level
  • Measure the inside pollutant gas level (VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds)


  • Communicate precise data to elected representatives, thanks to an analysis and powerful tool
  • Obtain a repartition per services
  • Dispose of dynamic and personalized dashboards


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