MAINTI4® After Sales Service offers a complete management or your after sales service, along with commercial management, from quotation to billing.


Your customer base and equipments

  • You have one card per customer with their informations : coordinates, contacts, technical equipments list, types of contracts, preventive visits…
  • Follow up each installation, and be alerted of the checks and maintenance preventive to do on their equipments.


After sales service calling management

prise-appel-sav-gmaoTo simplify the relation between the customer and the after sales service, the software proposed by TRIBOFILM presents many advantages for the calling management.

  • Improve and ensure the management of incoming calls from your customers,
  • Save each call from your customers and consult quickly the history,
  • Access at a glance to your customers’ card, their contract, their equipments…,
  • Be reactive ! Create and plan a work for one of your technicians.


Dematerialize, be mobile

  • No more binder with paper form. Dematerialize paper through our mobile solution !,gmao-sav-mobilite
  • Equip your technicians with smartphones or tablets and access to customers’ informations, checks’ details, the visits to do,
  • Consult the histories of the previous works to improve the quality and the rapidity of your works,
  • Consult in real time or not the tasks to do directly in the field,
  • The electronic document management is directly integrated in our CMMS software MAINTI4®,
  • Realize ans sign electronically your reports directly on your mobile phone. Send automatically your report to the customer by e-mail.


Analyze the recurrent problems of the after sales service

  • Spot easily the recurrent problems on your devices to detect the conception’s anomaly,
  • Set up of preventive maintenance following the analyze of the recurrent problems.


RFid tags and barcodesidentification-codes-barres


  • Install RFid tags, NFC, or barcodes labels at your customers to be faster in the field,
  • No need to search customer or equipment ; scan your tag and do your work !




After sales service maintenance management and commercial management

  • In addition to the technical, check, maintenance part, the solution MAINTI4® proposes a complete commercial management,
  • Realize your supplies’ purchases from MAINTI4®, and quotations including your stock, the cost of the work, and different services,…
  • Follow up the sales orders, the deliveries and the billing,
  • Follow up the different costs of a new intallation at your customer, included a division between purchases, works done and billing.


CMMS web solution for your after sales service

responsive-gmao-webThrough a simple web browser, your customer will be able to consult, in real time, the different works done and their state of realization ; and also create a new work request at any time.

Automatic e-mail alerts for your service will allow you to optimize your reactivity and increase your customers’ satisfaction.



Manage your contracts with MAINTI4®

  • With MAINTI4®, you can manage your customers’ maintenance contracts ; it’s a CMMS software easy to use.
  • Each customer has a contract, so you can follow up the performances expected in the contract or not, and realize a simple and quick billing.
  • Be alerted at the right moment about the renewal of the contract !



In the after sales service sector, the CMMS users are many to trust TRIBOFILM and its maintenance software for the sales service sector.

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