Maintenance Management Software For After Sales Services


MAINTI4® After Sales Service offers a complete management solution for your after sales services, along with sales management, from quoting to billing.


Your customer and equipment database

  • Each customer has a seperate file with all the relevant information in one place : contacts and their details, technical equipment lists, types of contracts, preventive visits …
  • Keep track of the installation process for each customer and get alerted when controls and preventive maintenance are coming up.


After Sales Service and managing calls

prise-appel-sav-gmaoTo simplify the relationship and communication between the customer and After Sales teams, our TRIBOFILM software has many benefits for Call Management.

  • Improve tracking and management of incoming calls from your customers,
  • Save each call and get quick access to customer call history,
  • Get a quick overview of each customer’s information, contracts, equipment …,
  • Be quick to respond ! Create and schedule work orders for technicians.


Change to a paperless system, get digital and mobile 

  • The old days of filing cabinets with paper customer files are over ! You can file all the relevant information digitally with our our mobile solution !,
  • Equip your technicians with smartphones or tablets to access customers’ informations, check details, upcoming visits…,
  • Consult Intervention Report Logs and improve the quality and speed of your interventions,
  • Get real-time access to what needs to be done on-the-field,
  • Management of electronic documents is already integrated in our CMMS sorftware MAINTI4®
  • Create and electronically sign your reports directly on your mobile phone. And then send them automatically to your customer by e-mail.


Analyze recurring problems from After Sales Services

  • Easily spot recurring problems directly from your device and detect design anomalies.
  • Implement Preventive Maintenance based on the analysis of recurring problems.


RFid tags and barcodesidentification-codes-barres


  • Install RFid, NFC, or barcode labels to work faster,
  • Stop wasting time searching for customer or equipment information : scan the tag and get the job done !




After Sales Service Maintenance Management and Sales Management

  • As well as the assistance it brings to Technical and Maintenance Management, our MAINTI4® solution  offers complete Sales Management,
  • Complete your supply purchases directly through MAINTI4®, as well as quotes related to stock, work costs, and different services…..
  • Follow up Sale Orders, Deliveries and Billing,
  • Follow up on the different costs of a new intallation for your customer, including the differences between purchases, works done and billing.


A CMMS web solution for your After Sales Service

responsive-gmao-webUsing a simple web browser, your customer will be able to view, in real time, the different works done, as well as their progress status,  and also create a new work request at any given time.

Automatic e-mail alerts sent to different service teams means you can optimize your reaction time and increase customer satisfaction.



Manage your customer contracts with MAINTI4®

  • With MAINTI4®, you can manage your customers’ Maintenance Contracts ; it’s an easy to use CMMS software.
  • Each customer contrat is saved, so you can track and follow expected performances for the contract, as well as do simple and quick invoicing.
  • Be alerted at the right time about the renewal date of a contract !



In the After Sales Service sector, the many CMMS users already trust TRIBOFILM and its Maintenance Software for after sales teams.

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