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The TRIBOFILM adventure began with ProgiLub, one of the first lubrication management software. The family-owned company, which has been selling the oil needed for machine lubrication for several years, offers software that stems from its field knowledge, its deep understanding of the industrial core. Subsequently, they will, in the same manner, design a CMMS solution for overall maintenance with Mainti Média, which has since become MAINTI4.

TRIBOFILM now has over 10 000 users and 600 clients, ranging from large international groups to small businesses. Its solutions are implemented in about thirty countries and translated into 8 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish, and Russian).

In 30 years, TRIBOFILM has become a specialist among software editors for maintenance management (CMMS), regularly investing in research and development to offer solutions that meet the needs of its customers and technological advancements. Innovation and simplicity are the key principles. Pioneering in the use of RFID (NFC) technology or barcodes for equipment identification, as well as in offering a web and mobile solution, it was only natural that TRIBOFILM became the first editor to provide a CMMS SaaS offering for both industry and the tertiary sector.


At TRIBOFILM, our values are shared among our employees and with our customers as well!

🤝 Sharing and Conviviality

Key moments for exchanging ideas, getting to know each other better, and enjoying good times together.

Challenge and Dynamism

Taking on new challenges regularly to move forward and meet everyone’s expectations.

🎨 Innovation and Creativity

Adapting to changes to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. 

💙 Trust and Ambition

 Listening and transparent communication to foster long-term relationships.

History in a few dates…

  • 2023 : the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary with around thirty employees.
  • 2020 : TRIBOFILM joins the European group Total Specific Solutions (TSS).
  • 2018 : Artélisoft and TRIBOFILM Industries are now one under the name TRIBOFILM. MAINTI4 software is suitable for industry and communities. It is also the year of 25 years of TRIBOFILM.
  • 2016 : MAINTI4 Web & Mobile
  • 2015 : MaintiMédia Gold becomes MAINTI4
  • 2013 : MaintiMédia Gold
  • 2009 : Creation of our affiliate Artélisoft, and, technical services management software, turned towards city halls, municipalities…
  • 2008 : Accimédia is provided by an EDI (Data Informatical Exchange) giving to it the possibility to leave the work accident declarations directly over the CNAM portal’s
  • 2007 : MaintiMédia.NET is available on Linux
  • 2004 : TRIBOFILM Industries proposes her softwares on plateforme.NET, available on internet
  • 2002 : AcciMédia is provided by a risks evaluation unit Préventor
  • 2001 : TRIBOFILM Industries intensifies the possibilities of her software’s  MaintiMédia.  Several commercial management functionalities dedicated to the maintenance and SAV societies are added.
  • 1998 : Arrival of AcciMédia, work accident prevention software, certified by the CNAM
  • 1997 : Launch  of Inspector, regulatory control tracking software and perfect complement for the weighty CMMS
  • 1994 : Launch of  Progilub, first lubrication management software completely graphic. Realisation of MaintiMédia, maintenance management software (CMMS), simple to use.


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