MAINTI4, our CMMS solution is already recognized in the food industy.

Our CMMS makes managing regulatory risks easier and meets the quality requirements of the food industry.

Use reliable production tools

  • Ensure hygiene et traceability for production chains,
  • Ensure inventory traceability,
  • Manage regulatory controls (ISO 9001, ISO 14001),
  • Reduce failure rates and down-time,
  • Manage risks and increase production rates,
  • Manage diagnoses.


And also….


  • eases the stress of audits, by allowing you to keep track of all the processes throughout the entire manufacturing chain.
  • Is a unique solution to managing equipment and ensuring proper procedure follow-through, each step of the way.
  • Allows tracking and follow up directly from the clean rooms, thanks to the mobility feature which means you can be directly on-site.


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