Interview – Jean-Louis CHEVALIER, Technical Department at SEARD (Operations company for Rennes and Dinan Airports)

Our MAINTI4® CMMS solution is used by several transport infrastructures (ports and airports). The features of MAINTI4®, the all-terrain CMMS, were adaptable to these specific activities.

We asked Jean-Louis LE CHEVALIER from the Technical Department at SEARD, and user of MAINTI4® since 2008, for his feedback.

Could you introduce SEARD ?

SEARD (Société d’Exploitation des Aéroports de Rennes et de Dinan), acting as the operations company for Rennes and Dinan Airports, manages two large airport hubs, on behalf of the Brittany’s Regional Council, who is owner of the sites.

SEARD is a partly public, partly privately owned infrastructure, with shares held mainly by the Chamber of Commerce and Ille et Villaine Industry, as well as the Vinci Airport Groupe. The current workforce consists of 168 people divided between two sites.

The Technical Service is shared between both airports and consists of 11 people ranging in different areas such as Facilities Maintenance, Tertiary Infrastructure, aircraft support equipment, aeronautical infrastructure (for instance tracks, taxiways, and computing).

Since how long have you been using MAINTI4® ?

Rennes Airport has been using this CMMS software since 2008 and Dinard Airport since 2010.

At the beginning, the software was called and it’s with this that we set up our first CMMS system for the Technical Department. We have been loyal customers of TRIBOFILM for more than 10 years now.

What needs did the software meet ?

Our initial difficulty consisted in finding a solution that allowed the logging of our interventions as well as organizing all of the equipment that was present on the Rennes site. To abandon the use of old faithful Excel files became an essential goal for the implementation of the CMMS. Planning and scheduling preventive maintenance (PM) interventions became an obvious need in order to really take off throughout the process.

By which features are you most satisfied ?

Several features related to our facilities were tested on the CMMS: work orders and quick reports, work sets, contracts, counters, work sites, intervention technician shceduling.

There was no inventory management, seeing as we mainly work with maintenance subcontractor contracts and the management of spare parts is done through these contracts. A small spare parts shop was set up with a subcontractor for a very specific equipment, but without outspreading, and the contract has since been terminated.

Our most important line of work to date is the automatic work orders that are generated by the work sets. With new tools such as the TC56 touch terminal we have deployed MAINTI4® Web for use by service Technicians, with the most adapted field-use. The next step will be to evolve to the “CMMS Saas” mode for managing the server, with all the features that this system provides.

Could you cite a clear example of how MAINTI4® been beneficial to your work methods ?

The most important benefit, on a daily basis, was the implementation of maintenance work sets for all of the preventive tasks done on our installations. From a regulatory point of view for the management of the subcontractors, to controls related to the management system of the safety of the aeronautical activities.

Our sites are subject not only to labor-code regulations and all the regulations applied for public buildings but also to systematic controls of our aeronautical equipment such as runway lighting.

Seeing as we undergo permanent audits just as much by state services as airline companies, and we must be able to prove all of our interventions each time and confirm the reliability of our equipment, we must be able to do so using a qualitative management system.

In the near future we wish to use the Work Requests in order to extend the scope to all employees of the Rennes and Dinard sites and hence use another MAINTI4® feature.

What would you say about the different TRIBOFILM support teams once the software was installed (support service, customer relations, sales etc.) ?

To date, we have been upgrading the different versions of our CMMS system by remaining faithful to TRIBOFILM, which guarantees us a commercial and technical follow-up through its support teams. With each development of the MAINTI range we have always received the needed help for the deployment or training of our teams. Personally I also appreciate the special User Days offered by TRIBOFILM. Beyond the commercial-based approach, it is very rewarding to be able to interact with other users of this CMMS and even in different sectors of activity.

Finally, what would you say to a company in the same industry that is reluctant to invest in MAINTI4® ?

The advantage MAINTI4® is its adaptability to the various sector activities of a company. Also, within a company, this product makes it possible to combine the technical aspect of a CMMS with a more pragmatic approach in all maintenance-related activities.

Thank you.

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