Interview – Jérôme Le Clézio, Infrastructure and Network Manager at PetitGas (delicatessen situated in the Vendée region)

Our MAINTI4® CMMS solution is used in many agrifood businesses. As a matter of fact, it particularly meets this sector’s various requirements and regulations.

We asked Jérôme Le Clézio, Infrastructure and Network Manager at Petitgas, and user of MAINTI4® since 2009, for his feedback.

Could you introduce PetitGas ?

The Vendée Petitgas Charcuterie company is one of the last family-owned businesses in the delicatessen meats sector in France.

Every day, more than 250 employees work to maintain their independence and satisfy the taste buds of demanding consumers.

Issued from ancestral know-how, our hams are derived from French pigs raised in Brittany and Lower Normandy. The Vendée ham obtained PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) recognition in October 2014. The company’s specialty know-how is salting boneless ham by hand. It is rubbed with course salt, brandy spirit, spices and is then gently dried.

The Vendée ham is our flagship product and we have expanded a wide range of traditional meats around this product (roasts, pâtés and Vendée crackling) as well as a range of hams for grilling or frying, sold throughout France.

Different services using MAINTI4® :

  • The Maintenance Department : 12 staff members

Yannis Chauvin, as Departement Manager, runs the technicians and one warehouse Purchasing and Stock Manager

A Facilities & Constructions Manager: Philippe Grelier (along with 1 technician)

  • The IT Department :

Jérôme Le Clézio, Infrastructure and Network Manager

  • And very shortly, all of our departments : we want to develop user support via RI web

How long have you been using the MAINTI4® CMMS software ?

MAINTI4® (formerly known as Maintimedia), was installed in 2009, with different stages of implementation:

  • Creation of a treeview / WO and QR
  • Implementation of the Purchase/Billing module
  • Inventory Management
  • Technical Sheets / Range of products sheets / preventative measures sheets
  • Inventory management (using hand devices) on Windows CE / Android so far

What needs did the software meet ?

  • Task monitoring and planning
  • Global Inventory management:
  • Purchase/Billing (Accounting Interface module)
  • Stock Inventory and valuation
  • Statistics / maintenance budget
  • Work Requests

Could you cite a clear example of how MAINTI4® has been beneficial to your work methods ?

  • Monitoring of the machine fleet and work orders (history logs etc.)
  • Inventory Management: between 3000 and 3500 items etc.
  • The Purchase/Billing module with invoice matching for the Finance Department

What would you say about the different TRIBOFILM support teams once the software was installed (support service, customer relations, sales etc.) ?

Apart from being very pleasant, support services are responsive and efficient with regards to issues that I have come across. In our case, it has more often been around issues related to installation, updates and revision changes.

The excellent idea of using a RI web portal module for online support requests, provides total traceability.

Finally, what would you say to a company in the same industry that is reluctant to invest in MAINTI4® ?

At the time choosing the software (10 years ago) we already felt that the TRIBOFILM team valued application user-friendliness, without neglecting its features.
For users who are forced to change their work methods, it’s a critical issue….for us, the fact that each individual could easily adapt to the use of the software was an important factor in choosing an application.

This has been confirmed up until now, with consistent, great technical choices, web evolution, HTML5.

Thank you.

Achieving lasting customer satisfaction is our goal !

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