Interview – Mélanie RICHETON, Purchasing Administrator – Paper mill in Gemdoubs (25)

GEMDOUBS Paper mill in Novillars (situated in the east of France) has not only been equipped with our MAINTI4® CMMS for more than 15 years now, but also with a Computerized Production Management system (CPMS) that we have developed along with them, tailored to their specific needs.

Could you introduce yourself ?


I’m Melanie Richeton, I work at the GEMDOUBS paper mill, which is a company that manufactures corrugated base paper.

We are a team of 75 people, including 10 that work in the Maintenance Department.


How long have you been using the MAINTI4® CMMS software ?


MaintiMedia was installed in 2005 at the paper mill, and we have been using MAINTI4® since 2014.

What needs did the software meet ?


  • Inventory management, with the use of barcodes,
  • Work supervision and monitoring of the maintenance budget,
  • Centralization of the intervention requests, for all of the factory’s services,
  • Easily adding digital signatures to binding documents, for order and purchase tracking, which totally eliminated the use of paper.

Could you cite a clear example of how MAINTI4® has been beneficial to your work methods ?


With regards to inventory management :

We deal with more than 4000 references in the maintenance shop. The printing and the labeling of barcodes, at reception of the goods, allows a simplified process of stock withdrawal by the user, using a scanner ; the stock is instantly updated.

Mini-max stock management levels, and the fact that the product-specific alert threshold automatically triggers replenishment.

Also, the use of barcodes which facilitates inventory work. Using a tablet, we flash each barcode and we just have to enter the quantity in stock. This data is then synchronized with the software and makes it possible to extract lists of inventories and inventory variances.

What are the advantages, from your point of view, of having the TRIBOFILM team support you once the software was installed ?


The Support Service is very responsive in helping us with technical issues or issues relating to usage. Having an online support service allows traceability, for the support team and for the customer.

The Sales Team are attentive and keep in touch regularly, so as to identify our training and analysis needs, and to introduce new products.

Ranging from the sales representative, to marketing and support, through to the developers, all of the individuals that make up the TRIBOFILM teams are very dynamic.

Finally, what would you say to a company in the same industry that is reluctant to invest in MAINTI4® ?


That the TRIBOFILM software is very comprehensive and user-friendly and specific aspects can be updated to allow for growth, tailored to the customer’s shifting needs.

The Development Department at TRIBOFILM keeps working on the development of the product according to all of the client’s needs.

Other software is very complex and doesn’t provide much flexibility for the customers.


Thank you.

Providing relevant solutions, adapted to the needs of Gemdoubs paper mill, like we do for all of our customers, is very important to us !

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