Optimizing the maintenance of your vehicle fleet

Whether you are a private business or a state government office, whether you have a fleet of ten vehicles or a hundred, monitoring its maintenance can sometimes become a real headache !

However, guaranteeing the maintenance of vehicles on a regular and preventive basis, means ensuring the safety of company employees, as well as being able to justify the most up-to-date documents relating to a vehicle in case of control (vehicle titles, insurance, vehicle identification etc.), but also means reducing costly downtime and unforeseen expenses.

A suitable solution, and a satisfactory maintenance procedure, make it possible to carry out this follow-up in a reliable and meticulous way for all the vehicles (heavy goods vehicles, contruction vehicles, light vehicles, utilities, buses, public works machines etc.).

Is it possible to guarantee the reliability of your fleet and guarantee the maintenance of each vehicle with a CMMS solution ?

You may recall that a CMMS software solution is used to manage maintenance, in particular :

  • Availability and longevity of equipment.
  • Intervention planning.
  • The security of the installations.
  • Cost control.

All of these factors are found in the maintenance management of vehicles.

  • A single CMMS solution for entire maintenance (fixed equipment, buildings, vehicles, etc.) is therefore possible. With regards to vehicles, the CMMS makes it possible to:
  • Identify the entire fleet of vehicles and create a single repository.
  • List all the technical characteristics for each vehicle: model, brand, power, engine, fuel type, etc.
  • List regulatory documents: insurance, vehicle title, approvals, contracts, etc.
  • Schedule maintenance, periodic preventative services and regulatory controls.
  • Control costs.
  • Have a complete history record, and a clear overview of the life cycle of the vehicle.
  • Good preventative management of your fleet is a key guarantee of fewer breakdowns and accidents, higher cost savings, more comfort and safety for the drivers. In the event of an audit, and more generally, the company also ensures compliance with the latest legal requirements.

The aim being :

  • to guarantee the availability of your vehicles.
  • to sustain your investments.
  • to optimize the use of your fleet.

When it comes to MAINTI4®, the all-terrain CMMS, it’s our users that speak the best of it !

We interviewed the Meccoli company (situated in central France), user of the MAINTI4® software to manage 300 vehicle titles (utilities, vans, trucks etc.). The company, which is now part of the Eiffage Groupe, is a benchmark in the installation, maintenance and renewal of rail and catenary tracks in France.

They manage all their vehicle maintenance throughout the country themselves. This implies an extremely important follow-up, like, for example, related to the contracts of different maintenance shops.

What has MAINTI4® brought you in terms managing your vehicle fleet ?

“We used to work using different Excel files. With MAINTI4®, we have created a repository that can be easily shared and cannot be modified. We have an overview of the vehicle fleet.

The first step was the traceability of interventions carried out on-site, and soon, we will set up the traceability of interventions carried externally (for example on construction sites).

We can trigger technical checks using maintenance work sets. Again, our next step will be to use Work Requests (WR) for all staff. The goal is to limit emails and avoid desk calls.

What features do you use for this tracking ?

“We mainly use the treeview for the vehicle repository and their technical sheets (characteristics and document), intervention reports, work list schedules (periodic preventative services, technical inspection, etc.), and soon Intervention Requests (IR).

Counter readings for maintenance and periodic reviews will soon be used to trigger conditional work sets related to vehicle odometers.

The goal is to be able to read the counters directly from smartphones.”

Interesting Fact

The reservation module assists fleet managers in pooling vehicle via an online system for managing vehicle reservation by users. Availability is seen in real time and it is possible to block a vehicle for a given period (duration of the work site), or for specific uses (traveling to an external meeting) and to assign a user each time.


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Whether you are already equipped with MAINTI4® or not, this module may meet your needs for managing the maintenance of your vehicles.

MAINTI4® can also retrieve data from other softwares in relation to fuel or km management.

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