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TRIBOFILM designs maintenance management software for all your CMMS projects.

You are probably wondering “What is CMMS ?”. The CMMS (Computer Assisted Maintenance Management) is the computerization of maintenance tasks of a company. CMMS softwares are tools set up to easily manage and classify all projects. It’s also a support for decision-making.

The features of our CMMS software are as numerous as they are indispensable. Indeed, TRIBOFILM CMMS software has several specific features you can discover.




MAINTI4 is a Computer Assisted Maintenance Management software (CMMS)  that will help you better manage and organize the business activities of your business or community.


PROGILUB is a Computer Assisted Lubrication Management software (GLAO) whose function is to structure the management of your lubrication, whatever your type of industrial activity.

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