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Work-accident management and preventionAcciMédia


Work-accident management and prevention software adaptable with every type of structure, AcciMédia® gives an ensemble of functionalities enabling tout assist efficiently as the Human Resources Department as the Security service and the infirmary.

From the work-accident statements but also from the infirmary registry, it collects the necessary data  for your  statistical analysis. The accident file is very complete and prints over white paper the essential CERFA’s statements, no more administrative problems!

Communicate about security and lead a work-accident prevention campaign among the employees.

Work in group

ACCImédia® is available on network thanks to its Consolidation Module you can compare different sites statistics.

Communicate with your IT system

Recover your pay software’s datas, ACCImédia® has interfaces allowing you to recover the worked hours and the employees informations.

The software could be interfaced to a CMMS (as Mainti4®) to emit interventions demands or more again to your time clock to recover the worked hours. Export the results to your Excel favorite file and personalize your presentations.

First work-accident management software 100% Internet

Based on the by Microsoft, ACCImédia® is functional with an internet navigator as Internet explorer. Now you can enter an accident or consult the statistics from everywhere in the world.

PRÉVENTOR® : Professional risks’s problems evaluation

Being based on the INRS’s recommended method and the CRAM’s documents, PRÉVENTOR® is a simple tool to use, rapidly functional, usable by all the concerned actors evaluating the risks according to the Decret n° 2001-1016 of the 5th of  novembre 2001.

PRÉVENTOR® make possible the leading of the correctives and preventives actions evolutions from the risks evaluation. Thanks to the Nomade module, you have a check-list of the actions to lead that you can update over the terrain. By means of its interface with AcciMédia®, it is possible to recover the identified risks in work-accidents.

PRÉVENTOR® isn’t limiting itself to a simple evaluation of the risks, it also assist you in their resolution.

PRÉVENTOR® could be interfaced with a CMMS as Mainti4® to arrange the preventives and correctives actions…

INSPECTOR® : obligatory controls management module

Provided of a very enjoyable ergonomics, INSPECTOR® will allow you to easily manage your reglementary inspection visits, internal controls, R.I.A., APAVE, DRIRE but also the medical visits, the certifications, etc…

Also provided of bar code functionalities, the reports are quick and precise. Then, it is possible to automatically generate interventions demands in the CMMS from the reports indicating malfunctions.

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