TRIBOFILM joins the Total Specific Solutions group to develop its growth in France and abroad

We are delighted to announce our integration within the European group Total Specific Solutions (TSS).

This integration will allow TRIBOFILM to have the support of partners in France and abroad, and to continue to develop its growth in the CMMS market for industries and public institutions.

TSS is a leader in the European software publishing market for Vertical Market Software (VMS).

With their proven market expertise, TSS provides business software for many business sectors: associations, education, real estate, healthcare, local communities, financial and legal services, automotive, trade…

TSS upholds human values, long term trusting relations, and a true sense of service.
Their priorities are also our own : client satisfaction, technology , quality and innovation !

Emmanuel Le Meur, ex President of TRIBOFILM :

“My father founded this company, and over the years, we developed a strong software portfolio of which I am very proud. I am ready to pass the baton, and we were looking for a partner that could support TRIBOFILM’s growth. As we are a family company, it was primordial that the company continue for our clients and employees. One of the determining factors for us was TSS’s buy-and-hold-forever strategy. Now, I am proud to hand over the leadership to Clément Bossis, so that he and his team can run TRIBOFILM as an independent business unit of TSS.”

Clément Bossis, General Director of TRIBOFILM :

“We are proud to join the TSS team. This is a great opportunity for TRIBOFILM to accelerate its growth. In recent years, we have been able to grow with our resources and have established TRIBOFILM as a strong CMMS publisher. In order to continue our growth, it is important to be able to benefit from the best practices that have proved to be particularly successful for the many software publishers of the TSS group.

The presence of TSS at European level is an asset which, I am convinced, will allow us to strengthen our presence in various countries in Europe. And also worldwide , with the parent company Constellation Software Inc (Canada).

Being a part of TSS will give us the opportunity to access the knowledge of more than 3000 new colleagues, as well as the opportunity to share our best practices.

Our aim has always been to offer innovative an efficient solutions with outstanding customer service: these are the same qualities that we find with TSS.”

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