TRIBOFILM designs and markets Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and Lubrication Management Software (CLMS), and offers Analysis and Prevention Software for workplace accidents, in industry, tertiary and public sectors.

With more than 25 years of experience simplifying workflow for large business organizations, as well as smaller establishments, TRIBOFILM has become a national leader in the software publishing market for Maintenance Management Software.

Our range of Maintenance Software meets the special requirements of all professionals.

Contact us today to discover our effective and user-friendly CMMS solutions, ranging from simple CMMS use (such as Equipment Management, Inventory Management, Personnel Management or Costs Management) to more complex uses such as analysis of performance results.

When choosing your CMMS software, keep in mind the importance of easy utilization and efficiency ; our applications are super user-friendly, super efficient and they meet these requirements for a wide range of industry, tertiary and public sectors.

Our approach is CMMS software that is focused on results !
We can help you get the most out of your project management and optimize time, costs, and effort.

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