An intuitive CMMS to optimize the complete management of your maintenance department successfully, whatever your line of business. Mobility, barcodes, RFid...

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The CMMS solution for your After Sales Service : customer fleet management, operations schedule contracts, phone calls...

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The Technical Services and Heritage Management software for communities and the public sector : work orders, inventory management...

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TRIBOFILM is a computer maintenance management software company that designs and markets an evolving range of softwares for different industry, tertiary and public sectors.

Our softwares can be adapted according to your needs. We develop automated programs which ensure your projects’ success in various areas such as aeronautics, food or construction industry, automotive or medical field, technical services…

Our softwares are composed of modules and applications which are made to measure for our clients, adapted to every company and facility size and IT infrastructure.

For over 25 years, we’ve been providing a CMMS solution  adapted to different field and business issues!
Scalable, MAINTI4® improves your maintenance projects’ success, through the use of intuitive and easy-to-use modules.

To ensure the approval of all who are implicated in your CMMS projects, we’ve created a CMMS solution that is easy to use.

Whether it’s for rented software (SaaS) or software that’s purchased, we can find the right fit and adapt it to your various IT strategies.

In addition to CMMS, we also specialize in lubrication management with our software ProgiLub®.

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