Lubrication Management Benefits (CLMS)

The benefits of a well-executed lubrication management system are numerous and real : decrease in maintenance costs, increase in the lifespan of equipment, reduced energy consumption, improvement in equipment availability, enhanced maintenance team productivity etc…

Often set aside, not taken seriously, or carried out without accuracy nor follow-up, in certain fields of activity, its implementation is nevertheless essential.

What are we talking about ?

Lubrication is a method used to reduce friction between two elements by introducing a fluid. This lessens wear on parts, protects against corrosion and acts as a cleanser.

Lubrication Management is a program that defines the total activities/ needed to ensure that the right lubricant is applied in the right quantities, in the right place, at the right time, and in the right way. This is an essential point in ensuring the mechanical reliability of a factory.

We’re talking about CLMS : Computerized Lubrication Management Software

What are the advantages of a Lubrication Management Program ?


The majority of bearing failures are caused by insufficient lubricant being applied, an unsuitable lubricant, or a lubricant that is too old and no longer provides the necessary protection.

A CLMS makes it possible to structure the Lubrication Management for all machines in a factory. Hence, the risks of breakdowns and accidents are reduced (70 % less), lubricant consumption is controlled, and ROI (Return on Investment) of the machines increases. It is therefore a real important issue for the Maintenance Department.

A CLMS helps improve machine reliability and brings many benefits such as :

  • having a complete assessment of the equipment fleet, having solid knowledge of sensitive components and their speed,
  • implementation of an accurate lubrication plan that is adapted to each component, with the right lubrication, the right quantity, the right frequency etc.,
  • planning a schedule of lubrication rounds and therefore, not forgetting any control points,
  • optimizing inventory management in terms of packaging and volume,
  • determining optimum frequency for oil change and replacement,
  • analyzing the quality of oils and replacing them only if necessary,
  • evaluating lubricant performance through accurate statistics,
  • keeping a history of all the routes and interventions undertaken.

Simple and Effective Implementation using CLMS ProgiLub©

Our ProgiLub© software has over 25 years of experience, and offers all of these features. Our strength lies in growing alongside the maintenance professionals, and listening to their feedback. ProgiLub© is an on-the-ground CLMS, with fast and efficient implementation. Implanted in different sectors of activity, ProgiLub© has the advantage of being simple in its implementation process, just as it does in its everyday use.

One of our most valued assets is mobility.

By installing barcodes or RFid chips (depending on the location), and equipping technicians with a mobile device adapted to their working environment (hardened pda, handheld device, etc.), it is possible to consult the history logs and update live lubrication interventions for each machine. The input is therefore simplified and more reliable.

The software, in addition to allowing lubrication monitoring, requires the greasing technician to execute a daily round entailing a visual inspection as well as a more subtle inspection of the machines (fluid flow and leak tracking, sounds of bearings on the brink of failure…). It’s a complete, rigorous working method that is being put in place.

Good lubrication management improves machine tracking, all the while adapting and controlling its lubrication.



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